FormGrey Studio is a collaborative design and fabrication space focused on elevating all aspects of constructed space. The studio’s mission is to develop innovative, experience-based design, challenging ourselves to look beyond accepted industry standards and towards emerging architectural tectonics. By implementing traditional and exploratory design methods in an open-studio environment, we create conditions amenable to the discovery of exceptional design in unexpected places. FormGrey Studio’s Principals have been recognized with numerous design awards for their work.

FormGrey Studio maintains a physical presence both in the Western United States (Reno, NV) and the Great Plains region (Omaha, NE). Our geographic placement positions us to undertake projects located anywhere in the United States. While the importance of physical engagement and coordination cannot be understated with respect to the project, FormGrey Studio makes use of emergent technologies for project delivery and project management, including 100% utilization of building information modeling (BIM), cloud based coordination, and virtual reality-immersive experiences throughout the design and construction process from initial concept development to substantial completion. As an “exploratory” studio, FormGrey Studio is committed to investing in innovative practice and development technologies as a cornerstone for every project our studio undertakes.


FormGrey Studio’s process draws on site-specific conditions, programmatic needs, time constraints, and cultural elements in order to create meaningful work. In everything that FormGrey Studio pursues, the underlying intent is to positively impact the communities we serve. We believe this design intent can and should be achieved at every level, regardless of scale or budget, and should equitably serve every client and population we work with. Design excellence, collaboration, seasoned project management, are hallmarks of the FormGrey Studio practice. In this way, every opportunity is met with enthusiasm and professionalism. Our Principals share a combined 40+ years of experience in varying architectural typologies and project delivery methods, FormGrey Studio has the expertise to develop the unbuilt into reality


FormGrey Studio prides itself on detail work, believing that the smallest perceived piece of architectural design is the most interacted with at the human scale. It must be done well. FormGrey Studio operates a small prototype fabrication facility currently, and its Principals have a long history in fabrication, including founding the Fabrication Shop and much of the fabrication curriculum at the NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego, CA. FormGrey Studio’s Principals have designed and built everything from custom furniture to Burning Man art installations and temporary exhibits.